The R&S Group

The R&S Group

R&S is a leading provider of electrical infrastructure products in key markets around the globe.

The challenge

The R&S Group had an outdated corporate identity and website and were in need of a complete overhaul of all visuals and branding. There was also a need for an easy to use product catalogue, procurement form, reference project filtering and news & events section, amongst other functionality. R&S hired SOHO to develop and design the new website, having previously commissioned a Switzerland based agency to provide their branding strategy and design.

The solution

Adhering to the previously created branding guidelines, we set about designing the website with minimalism as a key direction. The end result is an easy to use, clean and fast loading website, combining all departments and subdivisions of R&S into the same website. The majority of the landing pages contain full screen image or video backgrounds for consistency.

screencapture the rsgroup tesar polska       copy scaled
screencapture the rsgroup       copy scaled
screencapture the rsgroup procurement       copy scaled

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