Quality of work

This is the easy part. Simply by taking a look at the UX Designer's online portfolio, it's easy to get a sense of the standard of work on offer. You can then decide if it fits with your company's vision. It's also a good idea to verify that the work is in fact original. Normally there would be a "UX Design Berlin" reference note in the footer or elsewhere. Ask for contactable references, to get a sense of how the designer works with teams or alone.


Level of communication (both spoken & written) is something I value highly in any colleague or co-worker. Especially when dealing directly with clients, it's important to use a good level of English and a positive tone. It's also important to keep emails concise and to the point.


As mentioned in a previous blog post, the location of the designer is very much reflected in their work. There are slight differences in UX style in Europe, compared to the US/Canada for example. If an upcoming project or client is European based, it makes more sense to hire locally where possible. It also makes logistical sense, bearing in mind time differences.

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Understanding of Conversion & Lead Generation

Lead Generation & Conversion are two of the most important aspects of how the quality of any UX Designer can be measured. After all, the whole point of 95% of websites that we work on in to generate leads and make more money for the client. The basic understanding of the objective of each page is a key focus for any UX Designer.


Obviously, quality takes time. And that's a good thing. It's important to invest adequate hours into each UX project in order to get the task done to a satisfactory level. However, this needs to be measured in some reasonable way when drawing up the project timeline. Consulting with the UX Designer and determining a reasonable number of hours needed is imperative when planning projects.

Attention to detail

Very important! This can be the difference between hitting the nail exactly on the head with a project, or veering off sideways. It is up to the UX Designer to listen carefully to client requirements in the initial stages and forming a clear idea from the start. Clients will in turn save time and money.

Client facing & understanding of requirements

Presentability of ideas is important. Being able to speak with clients in a clear and easy to understand manner works wonders. It builds trust and confidence and puts the client at ease. Being honest with clients and management is something I also value highly.

UX Design Berlin: Keeping up with current trends

UX Design Berlin is a constantly evolving and expanding sphere. The best UX Designers are following blogs, reading magazines, learning by doing and generally keeping on top of all the latest market trends.

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