Quality & Reliability

When shopping around for products or services, we all look for a certain degree of quality and reliability. I get a lot of calls from potential clients, who have opted for outsourcing instead of working with locally based web design agencies. Unfortunately for those potential clients, the money and time that they have spent on these "cheap" developers hasn't come to a successful conclusion. Otherwise they wouldn't be calling me in the first place. This normally happens when the company has little or no prior experience of working with a web design agency. They simply chose to outsource because the cost is lower. Of course, there are some instances when outsourcing proves to work well. However, particularly when it comes to web design, it results in below standard design work in most cases.

Going Local vs Outsourcing when hiring a Web Design Agency

There is a lot to be said for opting for a local web design agency or freelancer. Especially when it comes to the design of your website. Designers who are based locally are easier to work with. Why? Because a) they are in the same time zone and b) you can have an in-person meeting with them if you wish. This of course builds a greater level of trust and gives a more personal touch to the project. Local designers also have a better understanding of regional styles of web design, current trends and what works well for that particular market. There is a greater chance of your project being delivered successfully and at the quality needed, if locally sourced.

One very good indicator of the reliability of an agency or freelancer is the level of communication and responsiveness. If you fill out a contact form or send an email enquiry, it is a good sign if somebody responds within an hour two.

If you have a web project that you need to discuss or develop, get in touch.