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MGI Recruitment

Initial brief

MGI had been an existing client with us for some time (creating optimised landing pages for their various recruiting campaigns) before they hired us to provide a complete new brand and website.

The previous website was extremely outdated in terms of design and was ranking low on Google for important keywords. MGI's client base are young people (early 20s) who wish to spend several months living and working in a new European city.

We flew to Dublin to carry out the branding workshop, which proved very enjoyable and productive. Due to their target audience, it was clear that MGI needed a sleek, trendy and sharp visual appeal in their brand.

End result

The visual identity and logo we created needed to have a trendy and edgy appeal, suitable for younger audience and related to travel, fun, party, discovering new cultures etc.

The client specifically requested lots of video throughout the site, so we worked with MGI to source video footage for each country, along with selected video clips for the homepage sequence.

The font used for headings is Khand, with Montserrat for the body text. The site is based on WordPress and includes a job search and application feature, for candidates to upload CVs.

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